Уважаемые практики OKR! Нужна помощь коллективного разума!
3 октября Наталья Гульчевская едет на OKR форум в Амстердам, и сейчас надо выбрать 2 мастер-класса из 5 до обеда и 1 из 5 после обеда. А там все такое интересное!
Помогите нам пожалуйста с выбором своим голосованием - о чем вам было бы интересно послушать потом в нашем пересказе?
MORNING - 2 break-out sessions of your choice - 11:45 onwards

Break-out Session 1: Tomasz Bienias - 'Human behaviour and OKR' (level: OKR beginner)

OKRs are designed with humans in mind. Andy Grove from Intel, who introduced the method in late 70's, was familiar with works on psychology of goals and motivation.
Wisely implemented OKRLIs can help in building strong teams and achieving real engagement instead of only aligning activities. If that is true, why is it so hard to implement OKRs? Maybe some elements of this method are not natural for us, humans?
Most importantly implementation is a change, and change is never easy. Discipline is hard.
Focusing on a smaller number of things instead of many is hard. OKRs should look super easy, and we love to complicate things. Measuring success shows us how often we are wrong. We dislike that, it causes cognitive dissonance.
Luckily there are some solutions to this, and ways to improve implementation with humans in mind, which I will share.

Break-out Session 2: Ian Harvey – 'Top down and ground up making OKRs work in the real world.'

(level: OKR practitioner)
Much of the conversation about OKRs rightly focuses on the transformative influence at the organisational level, but teams on the ground also have a lot to gain from using them. Ian will talk about how the Elsevier grass roots OKR movement has driven business outcomes and helped the organisation adopt the approach. The session will cover the lessons learned at all levels, from the group responsible for the rollout, to the teams on the ground who've learned the most.

Break-out Session 3: Roger Longden - 'Your toolset to build an OKR Culture' (level: OKR beginner)

Culture is the number one barrier to OKR success. How an organisation approaches change, the mindset and behaviours they encourage and reinforce can mean the difference between OKRs thriving or dying.
This is why measuring culture before launching into OKRs is a wise move. This data can then help to guide focus and, matched with specific activities to help teams adapt to and embed the cultural changes, will mean you give your investment in OKRs the highest chance of success. Roger will share some examples of where this "culture-first" approach to OKRs has had real impact and the steps you can take and tools you can use to follow in their footsteps.

Break-out Session 4: Per Lundquist – 'Using visualisation to boost OKR results' (level: OKR practitioner)

How do you get people motivated and focused enough to level-up from daily work to reach the challenging OKRs?
In this breakout session Per will show how effective dialogue in key OKR situations makes the difference. You will get an introduction on how to design OKR dialogue for success and easy to use examples to bring home for your own dialogue experiments.

Break-out Session 5 : Melanie Wessels - 'Personal OKRs: How to learn about OKRs AND make your dreams come true' (level: beginner)

In this fun and practical workshop, OKR expert and MC Melanie Wessels will teach you about OKRs by showing you how to implement them in your personal life. This way, you can play around with OKRs in a safe and familiar environment while learning what works and doesn't at the same time. Once you know how to set personal OKRS, you'll have an exciting way to introduce OKRs to your co-workers and it will be much easier to implement them in your company. That's a win-win! Curious? Join this workshop and get ready to make your dreams come true!

AFTERNOON - 1 break-out session of your choice - 16:00 onwards

Break-out Session 1: Jordi Vermeer & Rick van der Kraan - 'How to create amazing KR' (level: OKR practicioner)

OKRs are like Scrum, easy to understand but difficult to master. An awesome Objective is nothing without a couple of amazing Key Results. Creating amazing Key Results takes effort, understanding of the environment and above all a lot of communication. During this one hour break out Rick and Jordi will help take your first steps into creating amazing Key Results, whether it is for your professional or private life

Break-out Session 2: Gunnar Fischer & Nutan Sawant – 'How to excite and engage employees around your company OKRs' (level: OKR beginner / OKR practicioner)

"OKRs bring many benefits to a business. Some of the more common ones are focus, followed by accountability, engagement, alignment and transparency.

As many other initiatives in organizations though, OKR starts only as that, an initiative. How do you get employees interested in this new initiative, so they start paying attention and want to be part of it? During this break-out session, you will learn about the impact of visual identity, its application across different materials and objects of daily use and how these bring engagement and position your company objectives top of mind for your employees. Bring OKR adoption to another level."

Break-out Session 3: Alvaro Da Silva - 'Creating purposeful OKRs' (level: OKR practicioner)

Connecting the dots so that strategy meets execution and both hit the triple bottom line: care for the planet, people and profit. In this time of environmental, social, and economic uncertainty, there's an urgent need to pause and reflect on what's really important. However, we are also faced with the challenge of engaging, empowering, and aligning teams of people to get there. Your dreams are an abundant source of inspiration for you. But how do you make the bridge with your team? How to translate your visions into logical actions so that teams can embark on a transformative journey into the landscape of doing good to the planet, being engaged with work and also taking care of business? What would happen if more people knew what's important and connected this to their own dreams as guidance for real-world decision making in hitting the triple bottom line: care for the planet, people and profit?

Break-out Session 4: Bart den Haak – 'The power of OKR check-ins'

(level: OKR practicioner)
Since John Doerr wrote the book "Measure what Matters", OKRs went mainstream. Still, many companies struggle to implement OKRs within their company. A key ingredient for a successful OKR implementation are OKR check-ins. Leading OKR expert Bart den Haak will explain the power of OKR check-ins. What is their role in driving growth and innovation? How can you integrate them within your company and (agile) teams? Don't miss this talk if you want to know the answers.

Break-out Session 5: Anne Baumann – 'How to roll out OKRs at scale: developing a rollout plan, setting up a project team, mastering change management.'

(level: OKR practicioner)
In this break out session we will tackle the challenges of introducing the OKR framework to larger organizations. Based on a transformation framework we will set priorities and find out about the right ways to measure a successful roll out using the methodology of OKRs itself.
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